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A limousine ride a special treat for a special occasion. On your special night, you want to have the best time that you possibly can. You want to have a night that you’ll remember for years to come.


We won’t be at your event, but for your limousine ride, Emperor Limousine can offer you a journey that you’ll remember for years to come. And we can do it without charging you an arm and a leg.

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It all starts with the booking. Hiring a limousine company can be a painful process – if the staff isn’t helpful, you’re constantly wasting time and stressing so you can have a great night. We recognize how annoying it is to have to do that. That’s why when you call us, you’ll be greeted by a genuinely friendly booking agent whose only job is to help you book the right ride.

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We’ll break down all of our limousines in detail so that you can select the appropriate one for your occasion, whether that’s a birthday party, wedding, or some other special event. Then we’ll give you a quote – this quote is guaranteed to be the lowest price. If someone else has offered you lower, we’ll beat their price, no questions asked.

Despite the low prices, our limos are by far the best in the Chicago area. We own (not rent) all of them, and on top of that, they were all made exclusively for us. You don’t get any generic, simple vehicles – you get a top-of-the-line, custom limousine that’s been crafted to perfection by one of the largest limousine manufacturers in all of America.

Step inside. The first thing you’ll notice is the pristine condition – we treat all of our vehicles like they’re our children. No scuffs, dirt, or imperfections anywhere.

The next thing you’ll notice is just how much stuff is inside of each one! Don’t get us wrong, they’re roomy – some can hold up to 24 passengers – but the amenities inside are unmatched by anyone in the Chicago area.

  • Sound systems that are significantly better than what you’d find at any of our competitors
  • Laser shows (yes, real lasers)
  • LED light shows (combine them with the lasers with a full-fledged light show)
  • Multiple LCD TVs throughout
  • Comfy seating with plenty of legroom to stretch out and relax
  • An atmosphere to match your event – because we have so many limos in our fleet, you can pick out the one that has the right ambiance for you
  • Coolers stocked up with champagne, beer, water, and any other beverage you’d like (just ask us to stock it!)

The ride itself? One word: smooth. Our licensed chauffeurs are trained professionals. Honestly, unless you look outside, you won’t even realize that you’re in a moving vehicle. (That’s just how smooth they are. We hire only the best of the best.) Rent a limo in Chicago now!

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Chicago’s best (and cheapest) limos – bar none!

When we began in 2007, and our thinking has always been this: make each and every client walk out of the limousine thinking “whoa, that was awesome”.

The truth is, not all limousines are created equal. There are the barebones ones that are, in essence, just really long cars. Then you have the decent ones – they have a few cool features, but you’re not really “wowed” when you step inside.

Then, you have ours. We don’t think that our competitors are bad people, but as far as quality of limousines is concerned, ours blow theirs out of the water. They’re roomier, comfier, and just more enjoyable to ride in. It’s a totally different experience.

That’s just the ride, though. We take care of you throughout. Our booking agents can be reached by calling (630) 383-4200, and when you call, we’ll never try to pressure you into a sale or sell you on something you don’t need. It’s our job to match you with a flawless experience that suits you (and your party’s) needs.

Our prices are reasonable – in fact, whatever number you’re imagining, it’s probably lower than that. If you’ve already contacted another Chicago limousine company, we’ll beat their price… and in the end, you’ll get a better limo ride. What’s not to love?

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