CASTLE Party Bus – 30 Passenger

CASTLE Party Bus – 30 Passenger

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Party Bus Chicago – The Castle Edition Party Bus

Step inside the doors of The Castle and create your own personal fortress on wheels. Unmatched aesthetics, incredible sound, and all of the amenities will make you feel like a king (or queen!) for the night.

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What makes it a Castle?

We felt that the name suited this particular party bus perfectly – it has the ambiance to make you feel like royalty, and the fun to make it seem like a party that royalty would have.

Luxurious white leather seating: sit down, relax, and take it all in. Our brown and white seating looks like something out of the king’s mansion.

Beautiful designs on the floor and ceiling: because c’mon, no respectable king or queen wouldn’t have artwork displayed.

Coolers and cup holders: no servants, but the spacious cup holders and ample room to move around will completely eliminate the need for them.

Fireplaces above the drinks: combining fire and ice is something that we felt royalty would do. So, we put fireplaces above the cooler. Why not, right?

“Whoa” sound systems: kings of the old ages had live bands. With our eight speakers, six subwoofers, and four amplifiers, your music will sound like a live band… and you can choose any one that you’d please.

What you’d expect from royalty: everything is flawless. No signs of wear or tear anywhere throughout.

We’ve only scratched the tip of the iceberg with the list above. The Castle will take your expectations of a party bus and launch them into the stratosphere. Call to learn more or schedule a viewing to see it in person.

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Exterior Pictures of Our Castle Party Bus

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