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Hummer H2 Double Axle with Butterfly Doors & Jet Door

The Hummer H2 is a world-renowned limousine – when one rolls by, you stop and stare. Now, it’s your turn to be the one who people stare it. Featuring custom sound systems, an interior that will make you drool, and a pristine, elite exterior, this is a limo that gives you the feeling of luxury that you’re gunning for.

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The Hummer H2 – A Magnificent Machine

The H2 limousine is nothing short of unbelievable. Below, we’ll list a few of the key features. Call us to learn more about this work of art.

Butterfly doors – two on the back and one in the middle. These doors don’t just open – they invert upwards to create a full entrance and exit for everyone in the limousine.

A stunning interior – 3-tone leather seating, LED light displays, the crispest speakers money can buy, the loudest subwoofers that money can buy, fully stocked coolers with champagne, beer, water, and soda inside, and of course, blinds on the window for complete privacy.

All disco – the floors, seats, walls, and ceiling are all covered in dancing disco lights. Because it’s not just a limo – it’s an experience.

Much, much more – call to learn more.

Emperor offers the H2 for a substantially lower price than any of our competitors. It’s just how we do business. Call us today to book the H2, learn more about it, or schedule a viewing to see it in person. Once you see how good our service is and how cheap our prices are, you won’t even consider using anyone but Emperor for your luxury transportation needs.

The H2 is a piece of art.
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H2 Hummer Stretch SUV Limousine Amenities

  • Seating Capacity for Up to 24 Passengers (18-20 Comfortably Depending on Size)
  • Two Unique Butterfly Doors in the Back! WOW!
  • A Third, Jet Door in the Middle of the Limousine! WOW!
  • Double Axle Limousine, with 4 Wheels in the Back! WOW!
  • All Disco on the Inside: Floor, Ceiling, Bars, Sides
  • LED & Fiberoptic Light Show that Includes Light Ropes and Stars All Around
  • Three TV Entertainment System: 40″, 30″ & 25″ Flat Screen Televisions
  • CD/DVD/FM/AM Sound System with iPod/iPhone Connection (AUX Input)
  • Insanely Loud Music Sound Equipment Guaranteed to Rock Your Party!
  • Goregeous Three Tone Leather Seating (Silver/Beige/Brown)
  • Programmable Scrolling Sign with Your Message Entered
  • Bars Areas with Ice Chests Through Out
  • Exterior LED and Underglow Lights for Outside Effects

H2 Hummer Limousine Interior Pictures

H2 Hummer Limousine Exterior Pictures

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